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Comparing the two children or keeping high expectations from them may result in frustration. Therefore a single parenting style may not work. You may have to change your parenting style according to the child's growth. What works now may not work later, so be flexible. Step 7: Ensure the Child that Your Love is UnconditionalLet your child know that your love is unconditional and even if he misbehaves, your love for him will not change. But this doesn't mean that he can carry over his misbehavior.
We What will make it different from other watercan develop or enhance it more through water sports sports facility available in the country and fromknowing that we are surrounded by beautiful bodies of other countries?water and coastlines. their athletic performance through sports science andeducation and research. 3 Project Goals and Strategies culture and water sports dominance. to maximize their knowledge. water sports and our latest achievements in water sports by researchObjectives To identify our weaknesses and problems To provide a facility for Filipino National about the topic that can be solved through Water sports athletes and aspiring young athletes architectural design. StrategyProponents Goals: the aim of the study is to provide a To identify our potentials and capabilities infacility that will promote water sports in the Philippines.

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the study will find out ways to attract first Plan Partners entitled An Assessment of the Economic Impactthe Filipinos. Also. on the section of Economichelp boost the economy of the site and possible the Impact of Water Sports that regards employment:economy of the country. could well be called out to operate as a ski instructor. the study will find waysSince the study will involve water and sports. sports and aquatic activities since we are an archipelagoand is surrounded by bodies of water. Industrial Design and the Built Environment 9. 5 Review of Related Literature ECONOMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: 1. and then foreign people and at the same time. Since different water Recreation and Tourism 2007sports are international sports and is trained and practiced On a research conducted by Spey Catchment Managementaround the world. Whenintroduction of Philippine aquatic architecture.

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Jousts/tournamentsanimal baiting. The sports are non contact and mainly The countryside was a place of recreation as well as aindividual contests. rackets. where the object is to invade and everybody could own a dog. The broadswordCourt games – Court games originally reflected culture – and lance were “knightly” weapons. 1 Foreignhumans.